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The GeoSpec includes instruments from 2MHz to 23MHz operating frequency, handling samples from ½ to 6 inches diameter, with integrated software and accessories to suit all users from routine core analysis to advanced petrophysics research.

All GeoSpec rock core analysers come complete with LithoMetrix software, which acts as the user interface and performs all instrument management and basic core analysis functions. LithoMetrix can be upgraded to GIT Systems to add more advanced measurements such as 2D maps, diffusion studies, capillary pressure and saturation profiles. Users of GeoSpec instruments equipped with 3D gradients can maximise the performance of the instrument using the GIT Systems 3D Imaging software.

Made by Oxford Instruments – Industry standard NMR core analyser, used by 90% of NMR core analysts

2MHz operating frequency – Make measurements at industry-standard frequency, compatible with downhole NMR tools

P5 overburden cell – Make measurements at high pressure and temperature

Q-Sense probe technology – Get short echo times to see small pores in tight rocks and shales, while preserving high signal to noise ratios (SNR) for short measuring times

Range of probe sizes – Users can choose the optimum probe for their sample size, to maximise SNR and minimise measuring time

Dedicated applications software – Get common petrophysical parameters through a user-friendly interface, without the need for an NMR expert

Pulsed field gradients options – Allows advanced measurements such as capillary pressure, saturation profiles and 2D data analysis for fluid typing