Bios Analytique is a company who specialize in Rental & Leasing for Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis laboratories throughout Europe. More than just financing, we invest in your equipment to allow you to use the available budget and free yourself from the constraints of a standard purchase. 10 years experience as a distributor of Analytical instrumentation, supplies & consumables together with 25 years of providing Finance has given us unrivaled technical & sales Expertise

This double competence in the laboratory market allows us to provide unique Flexible & innovative solutions, that neither classic leasers or competitors can offer!

Financial Lease (36 to 72 months)

Finance your equipment Simple and effective
“There are many banks and leasing companies, but only one whose professionals specialize in Laboratory equipment, Bios Financial Solutions”.

Advantages & benefits

  • Full management of the deal (from financial offer to delivery)
  • May include additional services (PM, IQ/OQ, warranty extension)
  • Reactivity, get your lease offer within 48 hours
  • Have a single point of contact for the whole process
  • Finance all your lab equipment

Financial advantages

Operating Expense

Allows financing of 100% of equipment & services costs

No Tax down payment (VAT)

Medium term rental (24 to 36 months)

The perfect solution to reduce financial commitment and maximise flexibility.
The high Residual Value provided by our solutions will allow you to outsource a large part of your risk!

This offer is unique in Europe!

Advantages & benefits

  • Off balance sheet
  • A real strategic offer
  • Manage any changing needs
  • Ideal for High-end Equipment (replacement program)
  • May include additional services & warranty extension

Financial Advantages

  • Reduce your financial commitment
  • Large residual value (up to 50%)
  • Make your budget go further

*Medium term rental is subject to financial approval

After the initial rental period, all options are still open…
Return, extend or purchase the equipment!

Operating Lease (1 to 36 months)

Short term rental (1 to 12 months)

The ideal solutions for short term projects where resources are not available. Use your operating budget to optimize cash flow, reduce your financial commitment and maximise flexibility.

Financial Advantages 
  • Monthly commitment
  • Off balance sheet (IFRS16compliant)
  • Purchase option:100% of the paid rent refunded
  • No financial approval needed

Technical Advantages

  • From 1 module to a complete system
  • Additional services if needed (familiarization & qualification)
  • Equipment under manufacturer warranty
  • *For some instruments or configurations the mínimum period may be longer than 1 month

After the initial rental period, all options are still open…
Return, Extend or purchase the equipment!

Hire Purchase (48/72 months)

Hire purchase allows firms to possess and control an asset during an agreed term while paying rent or installments covering depreciation of the asset, and interest to cover capital cost.

Advantages & benefits

  • Control and deploy assets without significant drain on working capital
  • Suitable for businesses wishing to purchase assets without paying the full value immediately
  • Can finance both new or used assets
  • Can be more tax efficient than standard-term loans due to lease payments being booked as expenses.

Extended Purchase

Divide by 12 months

Allows to acquire new equipment and divide the cost into 12 monthly payments.

Advantages & benefits

  • The investment can be spread across two different budgets
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Can include installation, familiarization, and warranty