The KRSS MS-QuietBox II™ system offers a wide range of ventilated noise reduction solution for all brands of mass spec vacuum pumps including Edwards, Leybold and Varian.

Noise levels from a single vacuum pump can reach up to 75 db(A) and with multiple systems in a single lab this can increase considerably. The UK noise regulations 2005 states that action should be taken for noise levels above 80 db(A). The MS-QuietBox II™ is available as either a single or double pump enclosure and will reduce the noise levels by 15db(A).

The innovative design allows for installation with no need to shut the instrument down and multiple options for pipework access enables quick setup and easy access for maintenance. The MS-QuietBoxII™ integral fans maintain the pumps at an optimum temperature and additional safety options are available to suit individual requirements. The unique flat-pack construction is environmentally friendly, reducing shipping costs and can be assembled in 5 minutes with no need for tools.

Full specifications can be found at the MS-QuietBox website.


  • Reduce pump noise by 15 db(A)
  • Install without Mass Spec downtime
  • 3 options for pipework access points for easy setup
  • Integral fans maintains vacuum pump at optimum temperature (safety options available)
  • Compatible with all common LCMS vacuum pumps
  • Easy access for pump maintenance
  • Flatpack delivery, can be assembled in 5 minutes – no tools required
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Automatic thermal fans – automatically control speed via thermal sensor
  • Digital temperature display with audible & visual alarm (on a battery back-up) as standard
  • Unique design allows service exchange of panels to reduce downtime
  • CE Marked

Quieter working environment
MS-QuietBox IITM noise reduction system available for single or double vacuum pumps which reduces noise by 15 db(A) (75%) and maintains pump temperature with integral fans.

Maintain optimum pump temperature
Automatic thermal fans adjust speed to the ambient temperature. Designed to keep power consumption and noise levels at minimum and deliver high performance cooling when required.

Audible & visual alarm (on a battery back-up)
The MS-QuietBox II features a digital temperature display with a battery backup and audible/visual alarm as standard.

Fire resistant not fire retardant
Our high density ?0? fire rated foam is manufactured by impregnating standard foam with liquid carbon which is dried leaving a fire resistant sound absorption material which is able to withstand various ignition sources. This end product is fire resistant not fire retardant, the difference being that fire retardant foam will burn until the ignition source is removed, whereas our foam will not burn.

3 Year Warranty with panel exchange
In the unlikely event of a fan failure, the simple modular design allows for an exchange panel to be sent for replacement. First contact KRSS to request your replacement panel. Once the panel arrives simply disconnect the power cable and undo the four thumb tight screws. Swap the panels and return the original panel to KRSS.

Intelligent Temperature Sensor and Alarm Quick to configure and connect to your WIFI network, the intelligent sensor will send you an email should the pump temperature go above the pre-set limits.