BM Series

Introducing our innovative micro balance! Accurate measurement for precision weighing with micrograms readability.

  • Easy, fanless elimination of static electricity using a built-in ionizer
  • Anti-static breeze break
  • Comes equipped with the AD-1676 tabletop breeze break (medium) as standard (BM-5/5D)
  • Large weighing chamber for improved usability
  • Built-in temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure sensors
  • Interlockable slide doors allowing efficient operation with both hands
  • Motorized calibration with an internal mass:
    • Automatically triggered based on temperature variation
    • Triggered by operator
  • Clearly visible, white-backlit LCD
  • Memory: up to 200 data sets
  • AD-1688 as standard accessory: dedicated USB key to record weighing data as well as environmental parameters into MS Excel readable files
  • 12 weighing units: g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, GN, tael, tola, pcs (counting), %.
  • Special pans/holders for BM-5/5D/20/22:
    • Small pans for sampling minute amounts
    • Holders for PM filters
    • Holders for microfuge tubes
    • Optional pipette accuracy testing kit
  • Interfaces:
    • RS-232C (standard)
    • Quick USB (standard)
    • Ethernet (optional)
BM-5 5.2g 1μg Ø 25mm
BM-5D 2.1g / 5.2g 0.01mg / 1μg Ø 25mm
BM-20 22g 1μg Ø 25mm
BM-22* 22g/5.1g 0.01mg/1μg (50 and 95mm for filter pans)
BM-252 250g 0.01mg Ø 90mm
BM-200 220g 0.1mg Ø 90mm
BM-300 320g 0.1mg Ø 90mm
BM-500 520g 0.1mg Ø 90mm

*Smart range

Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software* BM-08
Pipette testing kit (all models) BM-14
Density measurement kit (BM-252, 200, 300, 500) AD-1653
Tabletop anti-vibration table AD-1671
Freestanding anti-vibration table ADI-MWT
Table top breeze break (large) AD-1672
Table top breeze break (medium) AD-1676
Electrostatic field meter AD-1684
Tweezers for calibration weight AD-1689
Display working covers (5pcs) AX-BM-031
Centrifuge tube holder AX-BM-032
Ioniser electrode needles (4pcs) AX-BM-NEEDLESET
Aluminium analytical pan (0.05ml, 8mm dia.) 100pcs AX-PAN-0.05ML
Aluminium analytical pan (0.3ml, 12mm dia.) 100pcs AX-PAN-0.3ML
Aluminium analytical pan (0.8ml, 15mm dia.) 100pcs AX-PAN-0.8ML
Foot switch AX-SW128

* BM-08 and the standard Quick USB interface cannot be used at the same time

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