EDGE® Automated Extraction System

Automates the technologies of PFE and dSPE.


Faster than Soxhlet, more automated than QuEChERS, and simpler than other automated solvent extraction systems, the EDGE has revolutionized the extraction process for sample preparation. Extract up to 30 grams in only five minutes, including the filtering and cooling process; 6 times faster than other pressurized fluid extractors.

Worldwide Patents Pending


  • Fastest technique available
  • 12 samples in an hour
  • Q-Cups™ are easily assembled and cleaned
  • Small footprint
  • One technology with unlimited applications

Energized Dispersive Extraction

With Q-Cup technology, Energized Dispersive Extraction is simple and fast for all applications. Extract semi-volatile organic compounds from soil, fat from food, phthalates from plastics, and many more applications with EDGE.




Consumer Products

EDGE vs Traditional Solvent Extraction

EDGE is faster than any other traditional solvent extraction techniques. With its speed, compact size, and ease of use, there’s nothing like it available.

Energized Dispersive SPE

With Q-Cup technology, Automated Dispersive Solid-Phase Extraction (dSPE) is possible.
EDGE is an alternative to QuEChERS for the extraction of pesticides. This new technology offers a more effective extraction and cleanup for difficult matrices.



Q-Cup Technology

A simple solution to a complicated problem.

The Q-Cup™ sample holder consists of three easy-to-assemble pieces. The unique open cell concept creates a dispersive effect which promotes rapid extraction and filtration. No additional steps are required prior to analysis.

The Q-Cup is ultra-thin coated aluminum for efficient heating. It’s light-weight and easy to use.

Worldwide Patents Pending

Load your samples in seconds.

Just add a Q-Disc, screw on the bottom, and add your sample; it’s that simple.

Easy Cleaning

The simple design lends itself to easy cleaning.
A quick rinse is all you need.

Disposable Q-Discs

The disposable Q-Discs completely filter your sample prior to analysis.

The EDGE Process


6 times faster than most current techniques.

EDGE is fast, uses less solvent, and is cost effective making it the smart choice for every lab.

Time (minutes)
Solvent Usage (mL)
Cost Effective
EDGE 5 20 $
Microwave 15 30 $$
QuEChERs 20 23 $$
Pressurized Fluid Extraction 30 21 $$$
Soxhlet 360 150 $$
Automated Soxhlet 120 90 $$$
Ultrasonic 60 300 $$


Press play and walk away.

Program up to 12 samples, using the integrated touchscreen and intuitive software, and EDGE takes care of the rest. Every sample is run using either a pre-programmed One Touch® Method or with your own custom method.


Get better results with one instrument.

  • Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction
  • Pressurized Fluid Extraction
  • Supported Liquid Extraction
  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction

No need for multiple systems for different samples, EDGE is the answer for all extractions, made possible by Q-Cup Technology. No matter your technique, you’ll extract a particle-free solution, ready for analysis.


Its small size is a big advantage.

  • The EDGE is only 14.25″ wide, about the size of an analytical balance

You can extract 48 samples an hour with 4 EDGE systems, easily placed side-by-side on one bench top.

Support for EDGE

You get more than an instrument.

When you own a CEM instrument, you have access to a whole team of scientists and engineers that are ready to support you. We are here to make sure you succeed.