Constructed from durable materials including a Trespa™ chemically resistant work surface, the GC-Workstation™ features built in MS-QuietBoxII™ noise reduction system available for single vacuum pumps which reduced noise by 15 db(A) and maintain pump temperature with integral thermal fans. Other features include a retractable keyboard and mouse table,LCD screen mounting, solvents cupboard and fused power outlets which together provide up to 30% saving in laboratory space.

Full specifications can be found at the MS-Workstation website


  • Manufactured from Trespa* chemically resistant work top (*where specified)
  • Mounted on lockable wheels
  • Supports loads up to 450Kg
  • Sound insulation using ‘O’ fire rated foam
  • Foil lined interior to prevent oil contamination
  • Retractable keyboard/mouse tray as standard
  • LCD Screen mounting as standard
  • Solvent waste cupboard
  • Magnetic access panels
  • CE Marked