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The MQR is a low resolution, high performance TD-NMR research system designed for applications based on relaxation and/or diffusion measurements. The system includes a high performance digital spectrometer, 23MHz (0.54T) permanent magnet, and a choice of interchangeable 10, 18 and 26mm probes.

The MQR is supplied with the Application Developer software package – a fully integrated development environment that allows users to write pulse sequences, set parameters, run and debug sequences, and visualize the results. Shaped RF and shaped gradient pulses can be included, and calculations can be embedded in the pulse sequences. An editable library of common pulse sequences is provided, as well as a basic data analysis software package that includes simple curve fitting and 1D Inverse Laplace transforms. Additional options include high-strength bipolar pulsed field gradients, T1 rho capability, variable temperature probes, and advanced data analysis including 2D Inverse Laplace transforms.

20MHz operating frequency – Gives high sensitivity and short deadtimes, to allow short T2 components to be detected

Range of probe sizes – Users can choose the optimum probe for their sample size, to maximise SNR and minimise measuring time

Interactive, real-time user interface – Allows users to see results as they happen and make adjustments to optimise parameters

Rack-mounted electronics unit – Allows future upgrades, for example higher power RF or variable temperature probes

Advanced data analysis software – Allows 1D or 2D data inversion for detailed analysis of phase components

Bipolar 1-d pulsed field gradients option – Allows high quality measurements of diffusion and profiles.

3-axis pulsed field gradients option – Allows MRI